Workflow management and execution

Visual workflow editor based on Visio
Visual editor for workflow processes using Microsoft Visio.

Logic and Loops
The workflow allows for normal constructs like next, if..then..else, case, loop while, start and stop. The connection between actions is defined by arrows in Visio. You can define multiple loops, complex conditions, exceptions.

Workflow engine based on Visio executing.
The workflow engine reads directly the uploaded Visio File. No manual translation or complex workflow installation procedure required.

Upload work processes
Develop work processes on your desktop, and upload hem to the database. After uploading they are available to every user who is allowed to access the process. Enabling easy version management.

Manage work processes
Workflow process is executed according to conditions defined in the process diagram created at implementation.

Workflow logging
Execution of workflow process is logged.

Document work processes and protocols
Print the current work process and document them in your suite of standard protocols

Business rules can be defined at implementation
Specific workflow-processes can be created upon implementation. You can do it yourself or let SampleNavigator do it for you.

Roll back / Undo work processes
Each action in a work-process can be rolled back. For instance if the action print label goes wrong, and you only notice this a few actions later, simply roll back the work-process, and print the label again.

Show visual presentation
When executing a work process a user can see what action is executed, the next actions and previous actions. Zoom in and out, to see the whole graphical presentation of the work-process

Run processes in parallel
Run a second work-process. There is no need to wait for a work-process to be finished before starting another work-process.

Integrate work process with user defined data
You can define your own data sets, records and fields, and use them in the work-process. Achieving total integration between samples, protocols, documents, storage, researches and data

Create a custom Work process Action
Create your own action, and integrate it in your work-process. A custom action can control a robot, LIMS, instrument, application, storage unit. A custom action can connect to an external database, to the internet, your intranet, or be restricted to one device in your laboratory.