Define own structure
You can define your own storage structure. You can e.g. define freezers, racks, drawers, locations, cylinders, rooms, cupboards

The storage structure is hierarchical. Define drawers inside freezers, freezers inside rooms etc.

The storage structure is shown in graphical way. You see whats storage is reserved, alllocated, used.

Not limited
The number of levels, locations, is not limited.

Not homogenous
SampleNavigator does not expect the same storage structure everywhere. Freely mix the way your storage is physically organized.

Allow only authenticated users to see the content of a Storage, or the storage itself. Hide storage from other users.

Integrated, normalized
The Storage Structure is integrated to the Research Structure, customer defined data structure, log, run, work processes etc. The storage structure is normalized.

All access tot the storage is logged. So you can see exactly what samples were transferred to storage, fetched from storage.

Remember status of Storage
The status of each cell can be virgin, occupied, used, free available, partialy full, etc.

Numbering systems, manual, automatic
Each part of the storage-structure (freezer, drawer, cylinder, cupboard etc) can be numbered the most optimal way. You can number purely numeric, like a cheshboard, or purely alfabetic. You can also decide not to use numbering at all, but to give every location its own unique name.
If you use numbering you can number from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. You can number from left to right, or from right to left

Move one or multiple samples to Storage
Transfer one single sample, or multiple samples to storage.