Default tables and fields
Search on the following fields: (bar) code of a Sample, Project/Department, Date range inserted, date range updated, Type of Research, Status.

User defined tables and fields
Client components are automatically upgraded from the server. So add your own fields, like subject, patient, instrument, equipment, medical properties, storage properties etc.

Show only authorized data
Users see only the data they are authorized for

Search on any value in the fields
Not only search on exact matches, but also on the occurrence of a string of characters anywhere in the search fields.

Search from within the laboratory App
Use the search function from within the laboratory App

Full search capability from any browser
In a browser you have the same search capabilities as in the Laboratory App

Sort your search
On any column you can sort a search. Also sort within sorting. You can use the base of your search and sort it the way you want. You can also sort within a previous sort.

Multiple Criteria
Search on multiple criteria simultaneously (e.g. search for all DNA Samples in 2013 for patients with a certain disease)

Search on range or values
You can search on a range of values

Define the data that a search produces
Select the data fields that a search produces

Define the related data of a search
Select the related data fields of a sample (e.g. the barcode of the macro-sample, or the collection date of the macro-sample)

Search the history of a Sample
Not only locate a sample is, but also get information as to what happened to the sample, or the related macro-sample.