Integrate with Microsoft Reporting Server
Create your own reports with Microsoft Reporting Server

Create reporting templates and display the layout visual
See the report in a visual design mode. Drop graphics, tables, summaries. Define page layout and numbering.

Export to PDF
You can export your reports to PDF

Add meta data to reports
You can add meta data as title, descriptions, purpose, dates to a report.

Schedule reporting 
You can schedule a report, for instance a monthly summary of tests performed on DNS samples with the person that has conducted the tests.

Include calculations in Reports
You can include for instance a function of formula, the average (or mean), standard deviation and medians in reports.

Notify by Email
For each report, define who must be notified  by email that a new report is available.

Publish reports on Internet and Intranet
The created report can be made available on your external or internal web site

Archive reports
You can archive the reports in PDF fromat in long term storage.