Define labels
Define the data that is printed on labels. Define the format length.

Multiple (label) printers
Support multiple (label printers).

Label printer templates
In the template you can define exactly what the format is of the printer.

Sample Data and related data
Print on the label the data fields of the Sample itself, but also of related data (e.g. the barcode of the label printer)

Batch label printing
Prepare your Research by first printing all the labels, not only for the Samples but also for packaging of your Samples. (E.g. the name of the Research Institute, Names of the subjects)

Print in one batch labels for different types of packages and containers. Determine the number of labels automatically

Print, Scan, test
When inserting data the system supports printing a label, attaching it to a container (tube), and scan it again, to be sure the right label was attached to the right tube. Also scan documents to determine the right Samples were associated with the Subject of Research.