Workflow Management

Workflow Management is an important feature in SampleNavigator.
A workflow is created with a single or more work-processes consisting of one or more actions.

You can define work-processes using a combination of Microsoft Visio and SampleNavigator.
In SampleNavigator users can only see the processes he or she is allowed to execute. Other work-processes are hidden.

The use of work-processes has many advantages:
• Precise execution of protocols
• Auditing, you exactly know what protocols were executed
• Save time, you only have to click to initiate actions
• Proofing, you can later proof what protocol was executed
• Learning, the computer leads people around
• Transparency

Design Configurable Workflows

Design an unlimited amount of configurable workflows with custom made icons according to your study or storage needs.

Reconfigurable Workflows

Edit and reconfigure your workflow with simple drag-and-drop functionality of the icons, thus safeguarding your initial investment.

Create Custom Actions and Reactions for each Workflow stage

Workflow Management allows you to control what is performed at each stage. Create and edit custom actions and reactions for each stage of your workflow according to you laboratory’s needs.

Batch Processing

Perform actions on entire containers or batches of samples to enhance productivity and save time.

Edit Workflows

Without any IT-technician users can edit workflows and database-fields to the needs of the SOP and laboratory.