Security and Compliance

SampleNavigator has a unique built in way of handling access control, the barriers.
Within the software of SampleNavigator we have erected barriers.
Those barriers prevent access to data and functions from a higher level.

• Processes, protocols, workflow
• Menu functions
• Projects, departments
• Storages
• Data, tables, fields, attributes

For instance a laboratory worker is allowed to insert data for measurement of blood values. That work-process allowes the laboratory workers access to the patient data. When a data barrier is erected that prevents seeing the name of a patient, the laboratory worker cannot see the name, even if the work-process allows it. Lower barriers have priority over higher barriers.

User and Class Based Security

User and Class-based security applies restrictions on what each user can perform or view in the sample lifecycle. Level of access can be set at field-level, folder-level and database-level.

Set Restictions in Sample Use

Define custom restrictions on how each sample is used for compliance.

Complete Chain Of Custody and Chain of Evidence

Control when Chain Of Custody and Chain Of Evidence are tracked for each custom-defined action performed on a sample thoughouts it’s life-cycle in the lab. Document what, who, when, why and in what order any action was performed.

Custom Chain Of Custody and Chain Of Evidence Reporting

Run reports on your Chain Of Custody and Chain Of Evidence data for any time period. Reports can be sorted and filtered based on user, action, workflow and sample.


Meets company regulations, including GLP, 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA.
Allow or prevent access to folders, fields and samples.
Auditing options allow for tracking of passwords, logins, previous entry, new entry and user info with a date/time stamp.