Sample Management System

With SampleNavigator’s Sample Management Software, you can manage any number of Biobank samples, aliquots and sub-aliquots in a customizable, multi-level sample management system. Barcode reading and printing support is included for both 1D and 2D barcodes.

This allows you to use both incorporate and/or your own numbering systems. The recognizable Microsoft Visio design allows you to configure workflows matching the laboratory sample preparation SOPs and visualizes the sample life cycle and processes of your lab. See a complete chain of custody for each action performed on a sample from the minute it enters the lab to the end of the cycle and every step in between.

SampleNavigator Software is amongst almost all audit references GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, and incorporates high levels of user and class based security, including full audit capability.

Multi-level inventory system
Track any number of buildings, rooms, freezers, tanks, shelves, racks, boxes, plates, and user-defined custom containers in a familiar tree-view interface.

Custom Sample-tracking and Data Management
Track any kind of sample (blood, proteins, tissue etc) and any genotypic or phenotypic data associated with that sample through our customizable data entry screens.

Advanced barcoding support saves data entry time and minimizes errors.
Read and generate 1D or 2D barcodes. Print to any custom label size on any printer.

Plate Management
Designate any size plate (such as 96 or 384-well plates), add samples to the plate using drag and drop, print out the plate layout, and export the layout with additional identifying information for genotyping platforms.

Secure Protocol
The predefined protocol is leading in all processes; any deviation is logged by internal CAPA system.

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