Core Database Functionality

Each organization, each project, each sample type may need its own data structure.

SampleNavigator contains a sophisticate data-structure, consisting of:
• Attributes (the same as: fields, columns, properties)
• Attribute-sets (tables)
• Rows (records)
• Linear lookup tables (classifications)
• Hierarchical Lookup tables (classifications)

Data Dictionary
All attributes are stored in a central repository; you can re-use those attributes in all sets. You can use the same attribute, for instance the “research classifications” in all sets, and you can relate those sets to samples, master- and micro-samples, DNA, documents, storage units, storage locations etc.

You can define the attributes on a central place, assuring a nomenclature in your organization. Propagate those standard names not only through your laboratories, but also to all users that access the data using a web browser.

Attribute Types
SampleNavigator supports the standard attribute types:

• Text
• Numeric values
• Dates (SampleNavigator looks in the local settings for the date format)
• Time (SampleNavigator looks in the local settings for the time format)
• File (PDF, Word, Excel, any type you want)
• URL (Internet)

You can aggregate those attributes to records. For instance a record with first name, last name, birth date.

Often you want to store more than one value. For instance not only the temperature in a freezer, but the temperature in a freezer at each hour. For that purposes SampleNavigator contains tables. The effect is that you can attach a spreadsheet to a container, sample, document, research, storage unit or location. And not one sheet, but multiple sheets.

Integration with Clinical and Lab

SampleNavigator can seamlessly be integrated with a single application using the same familiar interface

Client and/or Browser Bases Installation

Robust Windows-bases multi-user client for cetralized database acces. Platform independant browser operation allows acces from any location

Create unlimited fields

Create any field you desire to track your data. Field times include text, date, number, yes/no, drop-down, image, tables, computed, summary and hyperlink

Create and Design Custom Data Entry Forms

Drag and drop to design custom entry forms using your created fields. Setup multiple tabs, headers, questions, fields, hyperlinks and more

Enter, Search and Query Data

Search, query, view, sort, modify or enter data quickly in the spreadsheet or through data entry forms

Create Custom Reports

Custom reports can be generated and saved with a few clicks of a mouse. Easily summorize your sample-data based om any criteria or query

Import and Export Data Easily

Import data from standard text-files with user-defined formats and export data to any text format. Customize and save export formats

Data Validation

Set rules for data entry on a per-field basis to minimize errors and to ensure data integrity