In SampleNavigator you can compress your samples together in a minimum number of freezers.
You can assign (later) to what parts of the organization your sample belongs to.

You can considerably save on storage space, electricity, maintenance. Because SampleNavigator supports a well ordered process in picking and storing samples, you can minimize the number of times that freezers must be opened, further improving the quality of your samples.

Limitations storage structure
There are no technical limitations on the size and the number of levels of the storage structure

You can define the “storage structure” for each “storage-type”.

You can define:

  • Number of Horizontal positions
  • Number of vertical positions
  • The number of levels of the storage

Of course you can define them on each level of the storage structure.
On the top level you can for instance define you have 20 freezers, labeled A01 to A20. You can define that freezer A01 has 6 compartments numbered 6 to 1, and Freezer A02-A20 has 2×5 compartments numbered A1 to A5 and B1 to B5.

SampleNavigator supports each type of storage structure, also cylinder type of storage.

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