Often you want to register more to a storage than just the manufacturer and the model number of the manufacturer.
In SampleNavigator you can assign “attribute-sets” to storage. For instance to register the “owner”, the “maintenance”, and “temperature” data. And not all temperature data, but only the average temperature per day, and when the temperature is outside of certain boundaries.

Examples for Storage Data

Chain of Custody

You want to register the owner, but in such a way that you also register changing of ownership.

  • lookup “Set with Owner”: “Owner Code”, “Name”, “Address”
  • Set “Owner of Storage”: “Storgage Identification”, “Date”, “Reference to Owner”, “Code Lookup”

With SampleNavigator you are a 100% certain you can provide a closed CoC


You want to keep track of when and what maintenance has been done

  • Lookup table with “Maintenance Companies”: “Code”, “Name”, “Address”
  • Lookup table with “Type of Maintenance”
  • Lookup table with “Manufacturers”
  • Storage Maintenance: “Storage Identification”, “Date”, “Planned Maintenance” or “Incident”, “Reference to Lookup Table”, “Remarks”

There is no standard to connect a Sample Management System to a freezer. So the only way to store freezer data in SampleNavigator is to do a little programming.
But we have made it as easy as possible. You only have to transport the data from the freezer system to SampleNavigator, all other aspects have already been programmed in SampleNavigator: user-interface, error reporting, database, security, work-process integration.

How do you do that?

  • It is fun to do. With a simple .Net program (a DLL) that automatically stores the freezer’s temperature each hour, or at certain events, and stores it in the attribute Set. For instance when the temperature reaches a certain level, or  the average temperature of each day
  • With Reporting Server you can create a “report”, or “signaling”.

SampleNavigator comes with a detailed manual with instructions. If you just hand over the manual to your ICT-department, they can create all those interfaces.