Your storage structure in SampleNavigator

You can define:

  • Number of Horizontal positions
  • Number of vertical positions
  • The number of levels of the storage

You can define also for the labeling:

  • user numbers of alphabetical characters
  • The direction: left to right, up to down etc

You only have to define the storage capacity of that part of the storage that will actually contain Sample Holders or Samples. For instance you do not store Sample Holders directly in a Freezer. You normally use drawers inside the freezer.

Make your structure easy to identify
A nice feature is that you can define an bar-code to a storage. Both 1D and 2D bar codes, to quickly identify a storage unit, without typing.

Another way is to attach an icon to a certain type of storage. To distinguish different kind of freezers etc.

The icon you select is visible when selecting storages. For instance in the storage space:

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