SampleNavigator has a unique built in way of handling access control: the barriers. Within the software of SampleNavigator we have erected barriers. Those barriers prevent access to data and functions  from a higher level.

With SampleNavigator you can secure your data on the field level.

It is like showing someone a spreadsheet and some of the columns are not visible, they are hidden. And someone else can see other columns within the same spreadsheet! And you can control it from one place, for all spreadsheets that contain that data.

With this facility, you can even create a “Double Privacy Barrier”.

The following can be secured:

  • Processes, Protocols, Workflows
  • Menu Functions
  • Projects, Departments
  • Storages
  • Data, tables, fields, attributes

Secure your storage
With SampleNavigator you can also restrict access to storage.

Nothing special, just like most sample management systems: each department has his own freezers. But SampleNavigator goes further: you can restrict storage on the freezer level, but also within a freezer on the drawer level. And you can share part of a freezer: two departments, or two Researchers share the same drawers in a freezer.

Secure your Laboratory Protocols
Most sample management systems do not contain workflow laboratory protocols at all, so there is no need to restrict it. In SampleNavigator you can define which users can see and run what work-processes.

Users like this facility, because you only see the work processes that you need, and nothing more. They can work more efficient, with less chances of running the wrong protocol.

Proving that your samples are valid is far more easier.

For instance a laboratory is allowed to insert data for measurement of blood values. That work-process grants the laboratory workers access to the patient data. But if a data-barrier is erected that prevents seeing the name of a patient, the laboratory worker cannot see that name. Even if the work-process allows it. Lower barriers have priority over higher barriers.

Users and User Groups
Sample Navigator uses the standard way of access control to the system. A user belongs to one or more user groups.

Secure your functions
Like most systems, in SampleNavigator you can define which users are allowed to see and execute what functions

Secure your Projects and Departments
The same way as above you can secure the access to the Project and Research Structure. You can restrict access to only those structures and data you need to know

Secure your data

Securing access to only your Project and Research structure is not enough. A lot of data is shared between researches.