Searching is the most important feature of Sample Management. When you initially start using a Sample Management System, you concentrate on getting data in the database: scanning, labelling etc. But after some time you realize that the real goal and power of Sample Management is the ability to search and find the information you want and need.

You can search with three different kind of technologies:

  1. SampleNavigator App – The App has a direct connection to the database. The fastest and easiest way to search. This is the prefered way our users , because installing the app is easily┬ádone;
  2. SampleNavigator Browser – connecting to the Web Application Server.
  3. As an interface to an external system, for instance an Electronic Health Record system, connection to the Web Application Server.

Of course SampleNavigator remembers your latest search. You can refine your searches, and search within previous searches and store your searches.

Search the samples in a web browser
For searching in a web browser a similar interface is available. If you want to integrate the search function in your own web site, it is quite easy to do. You can get from us the sources of this interface. We will provide you with the sources of this interface.

Search your samples from an external system
To retrieve information from the Web Server the External System needs to execute 4 steps.

  1. Get the structure of the data, especially the attribute sets and sets
  2. Show the structure in the Search Function, and let the user fill in search criteria
  3. Order the actual search from the database
  4. Collect the data.

The interface is implemented using web services. Documentation is available

Search related data of a Sample
The Search options is a powerful method to select what to search in relation to what.

The search function helps you to define what related entities need to be included in the search.

For instance, you do not only want the data of the micro-sample, but also data of the related macro-sample, the box (holder) and the associated document
To speed up your search even more, you can opt not to include attributes in your search.
Your micro-sample is for instance related to a macro, holder and document. You can include all those fields.

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