SampleNavigator is used in a large number of different organizations. So we had to use a common name for the grouping of activities.
We use the term “project” as a general classification of related activities.

Examples of projects are:

  • Department
  • Research Project
  • Biobank
  • Customer
  • Customer Group
  • Physical entity like a river or a lake
  • Supplier
  • Cost Centre

There are more types projects possible, these can be easily added or deleted.

In SampleNavigator we call the level below a project, a “research”. But you can name it anything you like.
You can nest a research as deep as you like, but for practical reasons it is better to limit the number of nestings between two to five levels.

In the example below you can see the project structure for a hypothetical study of 1998, stored in a box of 9 x 12

To demonstrate how easy and powerfull the sofware is, below an example of how to configure that box

With that simple interface it’s possible to:
• Define the dimensions (9×12)
• Define the labeling (numeric, alfanumeric)
• Left-to-right, right-to-left, buttom-up or top-down.

The fill direction. In this case “left-to-right” and “top-down” as illustrated by the green arrow

And that is all, 3 minutes of work.

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