A regular sample management process is to scan containers, while sample management in general is more focused to get filled tubes, scan them, put them in a box, and store them in a freezer.

For clinical trials however, you do not have filled tubes, but you want to prepare empty tubes. Those empty tubes are filled by nurses and doctors.

Each kind of research is different, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Although from a helicopter view, all clinical researches are organized the same, in detail they are often quite diverse.
You won’t be the first to be surprised that your software can do nearly everything, just not what you want.

With SampleNavigator you can support nearly any clinical trial-process. You combine sets, define attributes and work-processes. You can not only support your current and next clinical trial, but also your future researches.

You define your subjects, visits and sites, and exactely register the data you need. Specific for your current trials, or in general for multiple trials.