You get a technical and functional secure system.

No browser plug ins
SampleNavigator does not need a browser plug in: the laboratory part of SampleNavigator is directly written for windows, and tightly coupled with the security of Windows. So you do not introduce back doors, in your security by installing the wrong plug in.

And you also do not have the hassle of installing a plug in. Installing a plug in is not that easy and straigthforward, because you need to carefully control the security settings, otherwise the whole world can look with your to your sensitive data. SampleNavigator does not need a browser plug in, because it contains a special Laboratory App.

You do not have to control ActiveX, Java, JavaScript, Plug-ins and security risks. You do not have to take care of Cross zone and Cross Domain vulnerabilities, or to handle Spoofing and phishing attacks.

Prevent unintended backdoors
In SampleNavigator we have a separate layer of security, a program, by accident or by purpose, can not break that barrier. You can manage the access on the data on one central place. Whatever your implementation specialists, consultants, or programmers try to do, they will not break this security barrier.