At implementation time you can setup the privacy in SampleNavigator as restricted if you want. You can allow even a double key on your privacy sensitive data: two users are needed to unlock private data. A user that can see the name of a subject does not know the ‘public’ pseudonym of the subject. And to combine medical data with the name of a patient, you even need the cooperation of three users.
SampleNavigator is the ideal solution for double blind Research.

You can hide for certain user group privacy sensitive information, for instance the name of patients. To identify them, you can use another attribute:

  • A number
  • A pseudonym

In both cases the attribute has no identifiable content.

One privacy barrier (two users must cooperate)
One user protection works like this:

  • User I can see the privacy data and a Pseudonym A
  • User II can see the Pseudonym A and privacy sensitive Data
  • So those users cannot see the privacy sensitive data

You need the cooperation of two users, one for each side of the privacy barrier

Double privacy barrier (three users must cooperate)
You can also use a system for double pseudonym:

  • User I can see the privacy data and a pseudonym A
  • Users II can see pseudonym A and pseudonym B
  • Users III can only see pseudonym B and sensitive medical data

To find the privacy data related to sensitive medical data you even need the corroboration of three people.