When an error is made in an accounting system, it is annoying but not very serious. Accountants control it afterwards, and if they find a small error, they don’t even correct it, but call it ‘immaterial’.

If you make an error in a Sample Management system, errors can have far-reaching consequences . You can mix samples of patients, whick can result in the administration of wrong medication. Or errors in your research, finding patterns that do not exist, or ignoring patterns that do exist.

SampleNavigator helps you prevent errors:

  • By working with predefined working processes. After selecting a work process, the computer controls the steps to be taken. You cannot forget a step, you cannot execute a process in the wrong sequence
  • By using scanners and barcodes to prevent input errors
  • By allowing you to create a data structure that mirrors the way you work, and the data you store. The data is registered at the source, at the right moment in the work process.
  • A user interface that remembers where you are, what work process you are doing now, allowing you to mix tasks
  • By strictly logging all activities