SampleNavigator is the leading sample management software
for laboratories worldwide.

By using the latest technology and software we are able to provide several industries with the best solutions.

SampleNavigator is the best SAMPLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM you can find.
Not cluttered with old legacy software.
SampleNavigator is a system for years to come.

  • Safe data storage for your samples
  • One location, not distributed over hundreds or thousands of Excell-sheets
  • Implement it yourself, no expert consultants required
  • Standard platform across your storage, data capture, retrieval and handling needs
  • Clinical Trials, fully integrated sample preparation and sample storage
  • Fast and reliable retrieval
  • Standardize over all your laboratories or for one single laboratory
  • Produce regulatory filings, scientific experimental reports
  • Validate your research
  • Fully track and trace
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Extensive configurability
  • Annotate your research data
  • Intuitive data-entry
  • Workflow and process automation, visual interface

More About SampleNavigator

Advantages of using SampleNavigator

Save money

By increasing effectiveness and efficiency and reducing errors.


The data can be trusted, is 100% correct and up to date.


Visual documentation and clean information.


Highest level of security and authorization.

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