Full integration
The system supports full integration between various tools and software such as LIMJSS, Hospital information Systems, printing, reporting, web browsers.

Supports external data sources
A possibility to connect to external data sources.

Do it yourself
You can integrate all your data sources, interfaces, instruments, devices and LIMS systems. SampleNavigator provides you with all the tools and documenation to do it yourself.

Pluggable data sources

Extra data sources can be implemented as pluggable modules using the Data Source Provider interface.

Supports Web services
Interoperation with external systems using Web services protocol.

Transaction control
Controlling data consistency within transactions. Non-blocking transaction isolation in multi-user environment.

The system is able to exchange data using the HL-7 standard, it offers maximum flexibility in integrating with Hospital Systems. For linking to the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) ADT links are provided. For ordering ORM and ORU messages are implemented.

LIMS integration
The system has maximum flexibiity in integration with a LIMS. Customers can create their own DLL’s, integrate that as Customer action in the Work processes, and store data in the database.

Exchange Data with Excel
The content of most screens can be exported to Excel. Data can be uploaded from Excel to the system

Exchange Data with Access
The content of most screens can be exported to Microsoft Access.

Use of Label Printers
The customer can define its own templates for Label Printers. Using all the features of a Printer.
In a work process a Label Template can be selected, enabling multiple label printers in the system.
The data to be printed is not restricted to the Sample itself. Also related data as patient number, research code, researcjh data or researchers can be printed on the label.

Statistical Analysis Software
It is possible to export data to statistical Analysis Software
Query the database in external applications
Query the database from an external application. Get the current structure of the user defined attributes in XML form, fill filter and search fields, and get a dataset return. The external application can run on any platform, browser based or native operating system based.