Capability Maturity Model Integration
At SampleNavigator we have never made tailor made software, and we do not plan to do it ever. We have a far better, faster, less expensive and more robust solution.

In the good old times, when software was not so complex, when demands were not so high, companies could afford to order tailor made software. The advantage was that a company could get exactly the software they needed, at the moment they needed it. But their happiness was short, soon they realized that they were last in the line of getting update.
First all the standard customers would get an update, after that customers with a small volume of tailor made, and at the end the customers with a large volume at tailor made software.
So the more you paid, the longer you had to wait. Sometimes you had to wait for years for a necessary upgrade. So the more you paid, the less service you did get.

We do not like that, at SampleNavigator we also want to give our large customers great service. We will of course adapt the software according to their wishes, but we do it in another way. We always add tailor made software to the standard.
That is – in our experience always – possible with a little abstraction, and some extra effort.

For instance: you want to have a special calculation, we do not program the calculation, but give you the possibility to include a formula. Just like in Excel. If you want a specific report, we make the report, but also give you access to Microsoft Reporting Services, so you can maintain and improve the report yourselves.
If you want to connect to an instrument, we do that for you, but do that with a library, and give you the sources of the library. Our standard SampleNavigator gets the hooks to include a formula, a report and a library.

We maintain the standard system on our cost.