Conversion of your samples

With SampleNavigator it is very easy to convert your existing samples.
Just connect the columns in your spreadsheet to the fields of SampleNavigator and you can convert them.

SampleNavigator supports any freezer structure: size, labeling, sequence of filling. Even mixed freezers with different internal organisation. SampleNavigator supports any holder structure (box, plate), size and labeling, SampleNavigator supports any bar-code, yet allows import of  samples that only have a position and no bar-code.

SampleNavigator supports all data you have stored in your Excel-sheets, it supports one kind of Excel-sheet, different kind of Excel-sheets, historic spread sheets. The oldest data -until now- that SampleNavigator converted was from 1957.

You can convert the barcodes, content and associated data of micro-samples, macro-samples ans sample-holders. You can store associated data with each micro-sample, or combine the same data (subjects, protocols used) in a document.

From the moment your old data is converted to SampleNavigator all transactions are logged.

Check existing data
A nice feature of converting your data is that you can check the validity of your data: are all freezers covered by spreadsheets? Does the spreadsheet contain sufficient data to identify your samples? Are the samples still worth storing? All those aspects come to light when converting existing data.

Implement SampleNavigator smoothly in your organization
Most customers converted their data in parallel with using SampleNavigator for new samples.
Just start with new samples.
Gain experience and convert your old samples when you have time.